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Rearview Mirror


[product name]: dual-purpose auxiliary mirror
[product color]: silver
[product size]: 5* 0.18 cm mirror size
[product material]: ABS plating
[product net weight]: 8g (single)
[product gross weight]: 35 g
[suitable models]: universal type

1. Decorative products on the rearview mirror
2. Help solve the problem of dead angle in driving, safe driving
3. Installed in the rearview mirror anxiety, expand the field of vision
4. Personalized installation, adjusted according to user requirements
5. Safety material, new concept product, can effectively assist driving  

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installation method】:

1. Wipe the position on the rear view mirror of the vehicle and wipe it clean.
2. Fixed large outer ring tape with double-sided tape, one-time adhesive
3. Angle adjustment type The small inner circle behind the small round mirror is used to paste with the angle adjustment bracket.
4. Side to help angle adjustment use (angle adjustment use)
* The small round mirror is attached to the inner part of the rear view mirror. When the rear view mirror is folded, the small round mirror will be damaged. It is strongly recommended to stick the small round mirror on the outer side of the rear view mirror.

1. Please confirm the position and then paste it. The double-sided adhesive is strong and it is not easy to tear off after sticking.
2. After installing the small round mirror, it is recommended not to wash the car within 24 hours to avoid damage to the double-sided adhesive.
3. Press the mirror surface when installing to make it stick more firmly