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Roof Hydraulic Pump Motor

For BMW Z4 E85 E86 E89

Only Need Replace the Motor and Save a Lot of Money

100% New and High Quality
1 Year Warranty
Easy Installation
Free and Fast Shipping from California

Fit for:
2010-2015 Cadillac SRX
2010-2014 Cadillac CTS Wagon

Package Included:

1 x Motor Only as Pictures  

Images Gallery
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Closing Assist Vacuum Pump for Mercedes BENZ W140


Closing Assist Vacuum Pump Motor for Mercedes BENZ W140



Closing Assist Vacuum Pump Motor for Mercedes W220 C215 S CL Class

Closing Assist Vacuum Pump for Mercedes W220 C215 S CL Class

Product Description:
Great resource(youtube video) for how to change the pump vacuum motor,click me

BENZ W140 W220 Closing Assist Pump Vacuum Motor

Product No. HGB1002

Closing Assist Vacuum Pump Motor for Mercedes BENZ W140 S320, S420, S500, S600 (1994~1995)

Manufacturer Part Number (W140) : A 140 800 17 47 (Brand Hella)

Closing Assist Vacuum Pump Motor for Mercedes W220 S320, S350, S430, S500, S600, S65 AMG, S55 AMG(2000~2006)

Closing Assist Vacuum Pump Motor for Mercedes C215 CL500, CL600, CL65AMG, CL55 AMG (2000~2006)

Manufacturer Part Number (W220): A 220 800 02 48, A 220 800 03 48, A 220 800 06 48, A 220 800 07 48, A 220 800 08 48, A 220 800 11 48, A 220 800 12 48

Package Included:
1 x Pump Vacuum Motor