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Motorcycle side mirror dual camera

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AZGIANT Motorcycle Rearview Mirror Twin Camera Motorbike Dash Cam Video Camcorder 2.4"



With 10mm 7/8" Universal Motorcycle Black Aluminum Handlebar Mirror Mount Clamp
Use TF Card Slot(TF Card NOT INCLUDED)
Automatic cover funtion,recording seamless video every 3minuties
Power ON: When you start the motorcycle engine,the DVR will turn on automatically,red light incate charging,green light indicate recording
Power OFF: When you turn off the engine,the DVR will save the current video file immediately and keep recording,it will turn off after 6 minutes

There are three modes to choose from:VGA,720P and 1080P while 4 sizes for photo resolutions: 1M,2M,5M,8M
1)             VGA: resolution in 640*480, the file size is smaller.
2)             720P: resolution in 1280*720,the file size is medium.
3)             1080P: resolution in 1920*1080P full HD, the file size is larger.
4)             1M:resolution in 1280*720.
5)             2M:resolution in 1920*1080.
6)             5M:resolution in 2560*1920.
7)             8M: resolution in 3264*2448.
Functional specifications
Loop recording length can be chosen from 1 min, 2 mins, 3 mins and 5 mins.
Motion Detector: Records automatically when detecting motion while parking.
Auto Start: this function will power up the recorder once igniting the motorcycle without manually turns it on. Use can select from On or Off.
Language: Select from Simplified Chinese, Thai,Korean, English,  Japanese and Vietnamese.
Auto Delay Off: The recorder will turn off automatically if there's no operation available. The delay off can be chosen from 30, 45, 60, 120 seconds.
G-sensor (Optional): G-sensor detects gravity change and lock files preventing being written; the protected file will have ZW in the initial of file name.
Screen    2.4" (3" HD screen optional,not included)
Lens    4 Glasses
View Angel    90°/165°
Min Luminance    1Lux
Recording    Loop/Motion detect
Format    VGA/MOV
Video Resolution    1920x1080/1280x720/640×480
Photo Resolution    3264*2448,2560*1920,1920×1080,1280×720
Loop Recording    Yes
WiFi    Optional,not included
Dual Cameras    Yes
Auto Start    Yes
G-Sensor    Optional
Language    Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, Germany
File segment    1min/2 min/5 min
Voice Recorder    Built-in MIC
Version    Release date
Memory Device    TF Card
Storage    4GB to 32GB (C10 TF Card is recommended)
Support OS    Windows 2000,Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10
Power Consumption    Strand by in100-350 MAH;  Recording in 100-350 MAH
Power    12V---100V 
Storage Temperature    -10℃~70℃
Operating Temperature    -10℃~60℃
It is easy to install, but professional installation is highly recommended.

Package Included:
1 Pair Mirrors
1x Rear Camera
1x Hard Wire
1 set of accessories