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Door Lock Wheel Motor

20A 12V ACT512 relay for Audi J518 lock ignition switch ELV/ESL ACT 512 CMAS1H-S


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-Push-in style terminals
-Electric motor used in many cars for operating door locks and mirrors
-Can be operated in either direction, simply reverse power supply polarity

Mounting: These fit into a clam-shell. No threaded mounting holes!
No load speed: 12000-16000RPM
Operating voltage: 12V DC

pls check with your car original lock motor before order to make sure it is the same as the one we list in our store.

1.When you unclock it spins in different direction,so you need to change the magnetic bars position inside the motor and it will work fine.
2.On the direction of the motor you would think if it does go the wrong way you could swap the wires around on the unit to change polarity which would make them go the right way.