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Wheel Lock Motor

300A/500A Car battery pile head clamp battery wiring nose clip terminal thickening pure copper


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process of installation


Sep1: remove the assembler with the EIS lock and remove the direction lock

Sep2: use a screwdriver to penetrate the shell hole to open the device

Sep3: replace the motor



Remove the assembler with the EIS lock and             remove the direction lock                                        



Use a screwdriver to penetrate the shell hole to open the device



Replace the motor


1-The wheel lock (ELV/ESL) of Mercedes-benz , like W204, W207 and W212 can be easily broken, including all C-series E-series and GLK from 2006 to 2014 (C180, C200, C280, E200, E260, E320, E350 GLK300 GLK350).
2-The unit we recommended can be used to replace the broken benz sheering lock motor which contains a screwdriver, a EZS/ EIS/ BGA Lock Removal Tool and a lock motor.

3-ESL/ELV Open Dowel Pins Dedicated Removal Tool for Mercedes-Benz, for Mercedes EZS.

4-Easy to install and store, try to put it in a sealed bag to prevent the unit from rusting when not in use