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Gear removal tool 2


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The suit contains 0.9mm (cylindrical), 1.75mm (semicircle), 1.75mm (cylindrical), 1.9mm (cylindrical), 2.8mm (semicircle)

Plastic case packaging: 99.5g



How to use:


1) Please select the needle according to the size of the shaft diameter of the motor. Do not use a motor with a small needle to pass the large shaft diameter to pull the tooth. Otherwise, the thimble will be broken. The rubberized gear should be heated first to melt the glue. Then extract the teeth! !


2). Select the thimble thimble you need, insert the broach rotation lever, and tighten the screw (note: the ejector pin of the platform, the screw should not be too tight).


3). Insert the puller rotation lever into the gear holder bracket.


4). Install the broaching board.


5). Snap the motor into the pulsator traversing plate and move it to the motor shaft to align the ejector pin.


6). Rotate the lever action lever at a constant speed in the clockwise direction and pull out the motor gear.