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Trim Panel Clip Tools

AZGIANT 4pcs/lot Car Door Lock Motor Central Locking Motor for Ford Focus Mazda M3 for Land Rover for Jaguar for VOLVO S40 S80


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  • 【Instant Cooling】 This magic towel measuring 100cm x 40cm has an instant cooling effect. Simply wring and flip, after just a few seconds, the towel cools for several hours and the cooling can be easily reactivated by repeating the steps.
  • 【Multipurpose Cooler】 This is a great sports towel for running, cycling, training, bowling, golf, yoga, fitness and hiking. It is suitable for cold therapy of fever, heat stress or hot flashes. An ideal towel for quick cooling when working in the summer heat or in a hot environment. It can be used as a headgear, sweatband, cooling bandana, neck wrap or scarf and more, just as you like.
  • 【Premium Material】 This cooling towel is made of a high density microfibre cooling fabric that is super absorbent, breathable and evaporative. The cooling is done without chemicals by evaporation of moisture in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • 【Free Mesh Bag】 For added travel comfort, a free mesh carry bag is included. It is reusable, light and easy to clean and also lets the towel dry slowly while it is in the mesh bag.