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TOP Grad Zinc Alloy Chess


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1.Chessboard size:About 30cm(11.81inch) *30cm(11.81inch) *2.7cm(1.06inch)

2.Pieces height:About  King:6.7cm  Queen:5.6cm  Bishop:5.0cm  Knight:4.5cm  Rook:4.0cm  Pawn:3.6cm

3.Gold and silver color chess pieces in the processing of a good after the special polishing, better quality, more glossy, more noble! 

4.It is a very good gift.Processes are done manually, fine workmanship, unique technology.  

5.100%brand new,It looks high quality, painted decoration color colorful, lifelike.

6.Weight:About 1.6 Kg.


Package List:

1 x Chess Set.


Friendly Note:

1.Artificial measurement, There is a certain error, please prevail in kind. Please buy carefully.

2.Because the reason is displayed,there are some different colours in actual products.