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10mmx8x2 rubber box mobile pressing roller


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Color: black
Size: 10 x 7x 2MM
Outdiameter 10mm
Height 8mm
Inner diameter 2mm
Diameter: 10MM
Thickness: 8.0MM
Rubber thickness: 2MM
Packing list:2
Applicable: JVC player
Weight: 10g

1 Made of rubber material, it is liable to operate.
2 Give the tape a certain resistance, so that the head is in close contact with the tape to keep the signal size from being different.
3 It is a perfect musical instrument accessorry with a great design.In order to adapt to more models, the owner has specially prepared various sizes of pinch wheel axles for certain special models.
4 Useful for Recorder press belt pulley Video recorder / car radio / walkman / amplifier and other special rubber belt pulley.
5 Well-pleasing warranty:If you are not satisfied with this product, please contact us by email. We will reply to you in 24hrs.