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High torque and high power motor


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Specificatio ns:
Model: 775
Shaft Diameter: 5 mm
Shaft length: 17 mm
Body length: 66.7 mm
Front steps diameter: 17.4 mm
Former high level: 4.7 mm
Body diameter: 42 mm
Motor Overall Length: 98 mm
Diagonal installation pitch: 28.8 mm
Mounting hole size: M4
Mounting hole: 2
Cooling fan: Yes
Rated Speed: 3500~9000 RPM
Different voltage parameters:
DC 12V, Non-load  current 0. 4 A,   Rated Current:2.7A  speed 3500RPM
DC 18V, Non-load  current 0.5 A,   Rated Current:2.8A  , speed 4500RPM
DC 24V, Non-load  current 0.6 A,   Rated Current:3.9A  , speed 7000RPM
DC 30V, Non-load  current 0.6 A,   Rated Current:4.0A , speed 8100RPM
DC 36V, Non-load  current 0.7 A,   Rated Current:4.1A , speed 9000RPM


This is the front end of the motor ball bearing, copper sets of back-end, 5 groups winding, at a voltage of 24V, large torque, low noise.

Package Included:

1 x 775 Motor